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What is the storyline?

There is a lot of news on Rajamoulis movie after Baahubali. The expectations are high and the budget is growing by the day. Two heroes booked for the movie. But none of them knows about the storyline. They said yes because both the heroes have got big hits from the director.

He has got this Baahubali tag. Rajamouli gave Magadheera to Charan and 2 hits to NTR and one of them is Simhadri.

So they agreed and are waiting to hear from Rajamouli. They are toning up the bodies for the Movie and would attend the workshops proposed by Jakkanna. NTR calls Rajamouli as Jakkanna. people want to know if the story is from Vijayendra Prasad the father of Rajamouli who gave Bajrangi Baijan for Salman Khan.

What is the storyline?

The other day NTR was there to promote IPL in Telugu and this question of the story was raised. NTR said that he was expecting that Rajamouli would take time and narrate the same in a short span of time. That means he has clarified that he did not know the storyline and he blindly agreed because it was Jakkanna.

Some people are guessing that it could be a movie on sports. Others say the storyline is from Hindi film. The filmi walas say Rjamouli is bound to make a hit and it is being shot in many languages to see that it is a commercial hit. All said and done the movie with RRR publicity has made enough impact. The shooting is yet to begin.

Let’s hope Rajamouli will not deliver a dud after Baahubali. Baahubali took the box office by storm and the cash registers were just rining here and abroad and in many languages.



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