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Ways and means to remove Chief Justice

One hundred Loksabaha MPs or fifty Rajyasabha MPs can give a notice for the impeachment of Chief justice of India.The notice can be moved in Loksabha or Rajyasabha.

The speaker of Lok Sabha or the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha can either accept or reject the motion or notice given by the MPs. If admitted a 3 member senior judges committee will be appointed to look into the issue. One will be an SC judge, the other will be an HC judge and the third member will be a renowned advocate and they will thoroughly probe the matter.

There could be a discussion on the issue in the parliament. If the motion is to be moved against the CJI two-thirds majority of the members is required.

Ways and means to remove Chief Justice

If one house passes the motion, then the other house will also discuss the issue and there also it requires two-thirds majority again.

If the motion gets passed in both the houses, then the recommendation is sent to the President of India.Then the President is empowered to remove the CJI based on the recommendations from the parliament.



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