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The ways and means to buy gold

No one has proved that if you buy gold for Akshaya Tritiya your wealth will multiply. Some say that the belief was floated by business people for selling gold and making money. But most of them end up buying 18-carat gold and 22-carat in the name of 24-carat gold.

One must ensure the quality and purity of Gold .It must have BIS  hallmark. Ornament gold is different from Biscuit gold.

The ways and means to buy gold Try for the best deal possible. Dont get fooled by discounts. Don’t get lured if they say no mazdoori so on an so forth. No one will sell us the jewellery without making profits. They will definitely have profits even after the discount they give.

Don’t buy jewellery for Investment. Buy gold biscuits for investment so that you can later sell them for profit as they are 99 percent pure in biscuit form. Once they are converted into jewellery then they are mixed with copper.

Studded Jewellery with stones is costly, but when you sell them back the stones do not get any value. The gold rate is also depreciated while valuing. Pure gold ornament without stones and studded should always be preferred. Studded ones don’t get enough money when you go for a resale.



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