was Nithin arrested ?

In USA Nithin was almost arrested. They were shooting for the film Lie, but the police thought it was real shoot out sequence.

Hanu Raghavapudi wanted to shoot a sequence in which actor Ajay points a gun at Nithin.. After taking the permission of the hotel , the scene was shot. Later, police arrested Nithin and others for using a gun.

LIE movie still 6
The director had to convince the police that they they were using the gun only for canning a sequence in their upcoming movie ‘Lie’. The police were not satisfied and hence put up a vigilance on the film’s unit to know if they were up to something really threatening.

LIE movie still 3

After this episode, Nithin didn’t risk shooting with a gun in the US. Rather, he chose to shoot the remaining scenes using a gun in India.

Any way It was a good experience for Nithin and crew as they now know what not to do in USA.



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