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I want to see Pawan as CM:RGV

Ram Gopal Varma the controversial director he is a fan of Pawan Kalyan and wants to see him as the Chief Minister of AP. My mother and other family members are also fans of Kalyan he explained.He wanted to know from the Tollywood people as to who did Srireddy abuse as Madarchoth. He said that it is not abusing the mother of Pawan Kalyan. One must know if Srireddy has abused Pawan Kalyan he said.

RGV also added that abusing happens as an expression of anger. It is not intended for any person.

He also reminded that the word Madarchoth became an instant success like tagline in the film Arjun Reddy and why now people are taking it so seriously he questioned. He clarified that it is the word used against a male and not a female.

I want to see Pawan as CM:RGV

Srireddy must clarify on this and it not abusing the mother of Pawan, RGV opined. Nagababu the brother of Pawan was of the opinion that his mother was abused by Srireddy.

RGV again complimented Srireddy for bringing the casting couch issue into the limelight. He was hopeful that the other issues will also be resolved at the earliest. Earlier there was a feud between Mega family and RGV. Later they patched up and RGV clarified nothing personal.



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