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Want to fight-go to borders says Salman

Salman Khan, who is all set to return to the silverscreen after delivering a blockbuster in the form of ‘Sultan’ last year, isn’t apparently in favour of war. Interestingly, his upcoming Eid release – ‘Tubelight’- directed by Kabir Khan is reportedly set in the backdrop of the Indo-Sino war of 1962.

 Want to fight-go to borders says Salman

While promoting his Eid release, both Salman and Sohail, expressed their take on war and war mongers.

“You ask anyone that whether war is good or bad. Everyone will say it is a bad decision. It’s a negative emotion. But it happens a lot, nobody knows why. Things can only be solved by sitting across the table,” Sohail said.

Salman went on to say that war mongers or those ordering war must be sent to the borders to fight. If that happens, issues would be settled soon and that dialogue is the only solution. He said if those mongering war should go to the battlefield instead of soldiers, they would tremple in fear and end up having a dialogue to settle issues.

Want to fight-go to borders says Salman

“Jo order kerte hain jung ko.. unke samne khada ker dena chahiye..yeh lo bhai bandook pakdo…pehle aap lado…ek din ke andar band ho jayega….pair kaanpne shuru ho jayenge.,. haath kaanpne shuru ho jayenge…seedhe table pe aake jo bhi discussions hai woh ho jayenge,” Salman said.

But no one could understand in what context, he was talking about war and peace. Was he referring to Pakistan or India is the question. But one thing he said was that one must opt for talks and settle the issue.



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