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Vote for Modi is a vote for Congress says Siddaramiah

Rahul Gandhi was creating blunders now and then and he was branded as pappu. Now the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has exhibited that under stress and tension he is also making wrong suggestions and speeches.

Sidda Ramaiah the chief minister praised Prime Minister Modi Narendra Modi in front of a huge gathering, that too hardcore Congress party workers and die-hard fans of Rahul Gandhi.

Amidst the intensified battlefield in Karnataka, this hilarious incident took place when CM Siddaramaiah was campaigning for one of his candidates by name Narendra Swamy.

Siddaramaiah said “In all the villages, the work for the roads, drinking water, building houses, and all of this has been possible of Narendra Modi and us…” That means the PM and the CM together could make all the development. That is what he said. But what he meant was something else.

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Soon, the local Congress candidate Narendra Swamy interrupted and tried to save the party from further embarrassment.

Soon Siddaramaiah realised his blunder as he embraced the damage control mode by saying “Sorry Sorry, Narendra Swamy. The important word is Narendra”.

He added “The Swamy is here, the Modi is there in Gujarat. Narendra Modi is fiction, Narendra Swamy is truth”.

In another video which is going viral, Siddaramaiah is seen claiming that voting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is equivalent to that of voting to him and Congress and it will help him become the CM of Karnataka once again.



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