Vishal tweets to Kovind-Modi

Vishal has tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President of India stating he is bringing this to their notice hoping justice prevails.

Vishal wrote in his message – “To the people, I look upto, Hon @narendramodi & Hon @rashtrapatibhvn I am Vishal,I hope u r aware of wats happening in the RK Nagar Election process in Chennai.

Vishal tweets to Kovind-Modi

My nomination was accepted & later rejected. Totally unfair. I bring this to your notice & I hope justice prevails.”

Vishal filed for the nomination yesterday at the Election Commission office in Chennai. However, things took an ugly turn for Vishal after the Returning Officer of the Election Commission rejected his nomination after finding discrepancies in his nomination papers.

Vishal staged a protest at the EC office in Chennai protesting against the rejection of his nomination and a few hours later his nomination was approved by the Returning Officer of the EC.

And in a cinematic twist, the EC again rejected his nomination stating the proposers in his nomination were invalid.



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