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Vishal on the casting couch

Vishal the actor and General secretary of Tamilnadu Nadigar association said that it is not right to just make allegations about casting couch. Just one or two people making allegations and talking about is not correct he said. One must come forward with concrete evidence and we will settle the matte he assured. Earlier two stars have talked about ti and we found that there was some reality in this and we settled the matter he said.

It may be noted that in Tollywood Srirreddy raised the issue and several other artists made allegations on the industry that the casting couch does exist and they named Vakada Apparao who works for Chiranjeevi and still with Chiranjeevi. Yesterday his brother Nagababu said that he is enough to settle the matter and big people need not talk about it.

Pawan asked the ladies to go for a police complaint and he cannot do anything about it.

Now Vishap opined that the matter has to be resolved and he was ready to help in any way for the same. Now MAA is also trying to work out modalities for avoiding the actor co-ordinators and also on making payments directly so that the middlemen exploiting the ladies can be avoided. They also trying to improve the working conditions for the ladies during the shootings.



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