Vilambi Ugadi predictions

The king is the sun and mantri is Shani for this Telugu new year. A lot of political developments expected this year according to the astrology predictions. A lot of money will be spent for the coming elections.

1.The Mesha Rasi people will spend 14 and income will be 2. But nothing to worry. You have Raja Yoga this year. Marriages will happen. Good job opportunities will come. New houses will be constructed.

2. Vrushaba Rasi people will have 11 as income and expenditure as 5. You are in Shani period but will have some health and IT issues it is predicted. While travelling speed limits should be followed.

3. Mithuna Rasi people will have a good year ahead for next two and half years it is predicted. Lot of issues will be resolved. You will get employment. Bank balance will rise and debts will be cleared.

4. Karkataka Rasi people will have income 8 and spending 2. The two Telugu CMs are born in Karkataka rasi. A lot of bad and good publicity is expected for this people.

Health issue will be there but no a serious issue. Tension will be there but no harm. Next 3 years are good. Politicians will have all the tension.

5. Simha Rasi people will have good results this year. Business will be expanded. Will get jobs in foreign countries. Will purchase houses, never enter into partnerships.

6.Kanya Rasi people will have 14 income and spending will be 2. A lot of income is expected but will have issues. Litigations will be there.
Tax issues will be there. Employees and students will have a good time.

7. Tula Rasi people will have income 11 and expenditure 5. You will have Raja Yoga and the Shani period is over. Cash, house and luxury is in the pipeline. All the issues will be resolved. Promotions are expected.

8. Vrushchika Rasi people will have more expenditure and less of income. Lot of financial issues expected. Modi and Rahul are in this Rasi. Guru is in trouble. After August there will be troubles. If troubles were there in earlier times, you will get happiness now in this period.

9. Dhanassu Rasi people will have equal expenditure and income. They are in Janma Shani period. Some health issues are expected. Shani puja will give good results.


10. Makara Rasi people will have 8 income and 14 expenditure. This rasi person will have a lot of issues. Dont change the jobs on your own. Don’t change countries.

11. Kumbha Rasi people will have 8 as income and 14 as expenditure. Shani is well placed in this rasi and will have all good things, Luxury is expected. MLAs will become Ministers.

12. Meena Rasi people will have guru negative. Job issues will be there. Employed ladies will get promotions. Will have some health issues to the legs below the knees. Negative guru will give these troubles.



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