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Vijay Sai Reddy prostrates to Modi

It looks like YRSC is moving closer to Modi by the day. Earlier, Vijay Sai Reddy, the YSRC MP was seen in the PMO and now he was seen touching the feet of Modi in Rajyasabha today.

AP CM Chandrababu alleged that Modi was using Jagan against him. When Modi entered RS many MPs stood with folded hand, but Modi reciprocated to his own MPs and then patted on the back of the YSRC MP Vijay Sai reddy when he touched the feet of Modi.

Many eyebrows were raised when Reddy touched the feet of Modi and the PM patted him as a gesture of endorsement.
 Vijay Sai Reddy prostrates to Modi
The talk is that Vijay Sai Reddy was working out with Modi so that Jagan wriggles out of the ED cases in the coming days as the elections are fast approaching. But this is the right time as Chandrababu is frustrated with ongoing developments in AP.

Earlier both Jagan and Reddy touched the feet of President and Reddy was hovering at the house of the President even before he was sworn as the President.

Chandrababu charged that a CM did not get an appointment from the PM, but people who are going around courts with cases are seen in the PMO.

But all said and done it looks like the YSRC chief Jagan is slowly entering the safe zone and it might be easy for him to take on TDP now. Even Pawan the Jana Sena chief has been drafted by the BJP to take on Babu.

But finally Dalits, Muslims are going away from Jagan and Pawan as they are with the BJP now.
It is is advantage TDP as the Muslims and Dalits will join and support the TDP.



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