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Vidyabalan as Basavatharakam

Bollywood actor Vidyabalan has agreed to be the senior NTRs first wife Basavatharakam it is reported. Basvatharkam the NTRs wife has been with NTR all the time and had a dozen children. Later she died of Cancer on whom the cancer Hospital is being run.

Balakrishna the hero is the Chairman of this hospital and doing a great service to the public in Telugu states and also some other states. For the poor, the hospital is serving free and the TRS Government has also given some exemptions to the hospital.

Vidyabalan as Basavatharakam

Now NTRs biopic is one of the prestigious films being looked into by the industry and also the public in general. Teja the director is discussing the subject with some top writers and getting confirmed by Balakrishna the NTRs son who is the hero of this film.

Nayanatara was first selected for the NTR biopic and then she was not confirmed. Now Vidyabalan has been confirmed for the role and she is very popular in Bollywood.



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