Venkaiah says he is a non-veg

Venkaiah Naidu is a food lover. He enjoys food and feels very happy when others enjoy the food served by him. He orders variety of food for the media and his guests. He taste the food personally and ensures that it is very tasty. He advised the guests and media people to taste that and this dish and talks about the menu and why was that served. That is the interest he has in food. It was the same with the senior NTR also.

Now amidst heated debate on beef ban in the country, Venkaiah Naidu said he himself is a non-vegetarian, and food is a matter of choice. He likes fish and gongura mutton.

He debunked the notion that BJP ‘wants to make everyone vegetarian’.

Venkaiah says he is a non-veg

“Some mad people keep on saying such things likeBJP wanting to make everybody vegetarian. It is people’s choice to eat whatever they want or don’t want,” Naidu said, speaking to reporters before an official press conference in Mumbai.

He rued that politics is being played over the issue.”There was a comment from a political party saying ‘BJP wants to make everyone vegetarian’ and there was also a TV debate on it. I told my journalist friends that I was the state BJP chief in Hyderabad and am also a non-vegetarian, still I became the president of the party,” he said.

In the last three years, incidents of ‘cow vigilantes’ indulging in violence have been reported from many parts of the country.

A recent order by the Union government banning sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets fuelled the debate on beef ban afresh.



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