Venkaiah praises KCR

Being one of the top most orators in politics and would be VP of India M Venkaiah Naidu said that like him K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana is also a good speaker and can turn the tide and masses for him.

Venkaiah was in a chit chat with his media friends over a break fast and said that he would find ways and means to connect with the public even after become the Vice President.

Venkaiah praises KCR

Saying that he was a fast grabber of the food, now Venkaiah has to wait till all of them start the food and then he can have a bite of it.

Venkaiah said that he will miss the road side, paya, Chintachiguru, punugulu,dosa, Irani chai and other things he used to have while on the move.

He thanked all the media friends for helping him in various forms. Venkaiah added that he never helped any of the media friends so far nor his family members.

Venkaiah said he loved spending time with grand children and he watched movies with them.Both Venkaiah and KCR are food lovers, but they enjoy feeding others.



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