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Use them for a long life

With the consumption of fresh honey, one can live for more than hundred years and Russians have proved this. A spoon of raw honey gives energy strength and also immunity. The immunity prevents most of the diseases.

Pepper makes your digestive system stronger. It has to be mixed with Turmeric milk to absorb curcumin which helps as an anti-ageing agent and for longer life.

Cloves or lavang are anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic. They keep your nerves system safe and kicking.

Jeera is very good for all your stomach ailments. It is the main source of Iron and also fibre that helps in digestion of the food. Jeera water on a daily basis helps in many ways for keeping the health of stomach in good condition.

Ajwain is a natural antibiotic. It is good for the health. It is also taken to reduce stomach pain in villages.

Use them for a long life

Cardamoms give you a longer life. The secret behind Chinese having a long life is the cardamom tea it is reported. It also regulates the blood sugar.

Ginger has 25 antioxidants. Ginger Tea is very popular in India and people have it to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. It helps in curing diabetes, heart ailments and also cancer in the long run.

Amla is one of the fruits used largely in India for medicinal purposes. It helps in hair growth, digestion, against diabetes, and a rich source of Vitamin C. It is regarded as a holy fruit that prolongs the life.



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