US locked and loaded-World war III? Political Top Stories 

US locked and loaded-World war III?

The American military is locked and loaded for any eventuality against Syria. President Trump has made it very clear that if Assad tries for another Chemical attack Syria will not be spared. The Russain media has predicted that any aggression from Assad could lead to World war III.

The UN has rejected a resolution by Russia against the aggression of US, France and Britain. Out of the 15 member council, only two of them supported Russias condemnation and others endorsed the attack against the chemical weapons.

US locked and loaded-World war III?

US and its allies said that they attacked the chemical weapon sites only after finding evidence, while Russia called it a fabricated evidence and that the attack was not warranted. Asad regime will not continue if the killer gas is used again the US government said. If Trump draws a red line it is the end of the matter white house sources added.

The other countries stated the security council has recognised the need to attack Syria and its evil designs. Now if Russia tries to side with Syria, then the US and allies will have to step up against Russia also which would lead to a world war III.



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