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Untimely rains in Hyderabad city

After scorching heat for two days, the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad experienced rains with winds in the afternoon and also evening. The city turned cool by the evening and many parts of the city experienced power outages.

The heat was about 41 to 43 degrees reduced to about 34 and there was a relief for the children and old aged people. Traffic jams occurred due to this untimely rain.

Man parts of Telangana experienced untimely rains and mangoes cam down from the trees due to heavy winds which lashed the trees.

Warangal, Siddipet, Jnagon and Bhooplapally experienced heavy rain. The outskirts of Hyderabad was also lashed by rains here and there.

Untimely rains in Hyderabad city

There was scorching heat since last two days and the rain was a relief to the people across Telangana. There was crop loss here and there and the farmers were running from pillar to post to save the crops. They could not save the mangoes. There were thunders also with lightning in the city. In some places, it just drizzled.

Untimely rains in Hyderabad city



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