Union Minister Athawale says BJP will lose UP Political Top Stories 

Union Minister Athawale says BJP will lose UP

In a rather sensational comment, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale said that the BJP will lose about 30 parliament seats in the next elections. He observed that they may get 70 seats in UP in the next election.

 Union Minister Athawale says BJP will lose UP
On the other hand, he clarified that this will not make any difference to Modi and Rahul is no match to Modi. He also said that Modi will be the next PM and that Yogi in UP is doing well. Adding Ramji to Ambedkar was the right move he opined. Because of SP-BSP alliance, the BJP is set to lose the MP seats he explained.

 Union Minister Athawale says BJP will lose UPBut overall it will be BJP in the centre in 2019 he said. They got 73 MP seats in UP in 2014. Ramdas made sensational comments several times. He suggested for reservations in Cricket team. He said that the Government must provide Government jobs and has written letters to all the Governments.

He wanted people to sing Vande Mataram song. He said that the transgenders should not wear sarees. He said some Hijaras were wearing pants and shirts. But finally, he also added that all of them were his personal opinions and that they can decide on what they want.

Not only Athawale but there are other MPs also who speak openly against BJP and they brand it as personal opinion.



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