TTD priest Deekhshitulu for fast unto death

TTD former Chief Priest Ramana Deekhsitulu who has been recently removed from his post of the TTD has announced that he would be going for fast unto death. Deekhsitultlu is demanding that the pink diamond which is the ancient Jewel is missing and that the Government must order for the CBI probe with immediate effect. Apart from that so much of old and traditional jewellery donated by the Kings is lost and is missing he revealed.

He has been removed from the head priest post along with two others in the name of age as they have crossed 65. He blamed Chandrababu Naidu and also Singhal the EO for the misrule in the TTD. He blamed that the board was interfering with work of the purohits and also the timings of poojas. How can we perform Suprabhatham in the midnight when it has to be done in the early hours the former chief Priest questioned.

TTD priest Deekhshitulu for fast unto death

The issue at the TTD in the name of removing purohits is turning political and Chandrababu is getting blamed in the process. Now it is learnt that Babu has summoned EO Singhal and the JEO to look into the matter. Earlier Singhal tried to build steps from the sanctum sanctorum to the outer boundary wall but that was opposed by the Purohits stating that it is against the traditions and one should not climb above the Lord Balaji’s diety.

The issue is turning murkier by the day and the priests who have been removed stated that this happened as they stopped the officials from performing the poojas according to the whims and fancies and that was to suit the timings of the VVIPs. The lord’s pooja timings cannot be changed the purohits clarified.



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