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TS police get buttermilk

The Telangana traffic police are supplied with buttermilk and were advised to have a lot of water as they are working in the sweltering hot sun. Earlier DGP said that a lot of things were being done for the welfare of the police like medical checkups giving masks, goggles so on and so forth.

Now to save them from the scorching Sun they are given buttermilk. In addition to this, they are also given Glucon D to maintain healthy levels. The traffic police are a happy lot that they are getting these things in the summer.

 TS police get buttermilk
KCR the CM has been doing a lot of things for the welfare of the police and wanted them to be friendly with the public. Even for home guards, he has raised the payments and also assured them of double bedrooms which no other government has done before.

The DGP mentioned this several times that the Government under KCR was proactive and that they were able to take care of the law order properly. The crime rate has come down drastically in all the districts it may be mentioned here.

The entire state is being wired with CC cameras and they would be connected to the control command building located in Banjara Hills. The construction is going on a war footing basis. Once this set up is done, the police can monitor the entire state via cc camera connections from Hyderabad. Monitoring and guiding as per the situation will become easy henceforth.

The control command set up with 20 floors each is being done at a cost of around 1000 crores to start with. CM KCR is monitoring the progress of the building on regular basis.



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