TS is No1 in digitisation

Information Technology minister of Telangana KT Rama Rao(KTR) said Telangana stands number one in the country in the number of digital transactions.

KTR is one man who is moving heaven and earth to develop Telangana at a faster pace.

KTR asserted that Telangana is today at the cusp of a digital revolution.

TS is No1 in digitisation

“This stands testimony to the digital prowess of the state. We are creating the requisite infrastructure, we are skilling our youngsters and we are promoting innovation,” he added.

Rao who participated in the inaugural ceremony ICT4D, an ICRISAT annual conference said that this initiative of Telangana Government is a revolutionary and transformative project that aims to democratize access to internet and also increase transparency by providing all government services online.

“The Fiber-Grid Project is a novel initiative, which was not attempted anywhere in the country – perhaps not attempted anywhere in the world.

The project aims to piggyback on the drinking water grid project and attempts to connect every household in the state with Optic Fiber,” he said.

TS is No1 in digitisation

KTR said the citizens of this state will not only get clean drinking water but are also connected to a fibre optic grid.

“Once this is complete, it will open up a plethora of opportunities and will transform the landscape of this state. Services ranging from e-health to e-education would then be delivered at the door step of the citizen.

New business models that evolve based on the Fiber Grid infrastructure, will also generate substantial employment for the youngsters of this state,” he added.

Ram Rao made a special mention about their Open Date initiative launched recently.

“Telangana is only the second state in the country to come up with an Open Data Policy. The government of Telangana likes to share data proactively and we believe this data will then be used by enthusiasts to develop solutions and visualizations,” Rao said.



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