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TS BJP gears for Amit Shah

The BJP is sending shivers in the spine of sitting legislators in Telangana. They are afraid that like UP the BJP might take over Telangana also. The MIM leaders is touring the lanes and by-lanes of Hyderabad already. He actually goes for electioneering just one month ahead of the elections. But just before two years he has started this campaigning in old city. He walking and not even using his two wheeler in the lanes and by lanes of the city.

The BJP it looks like is hell bent upon grabbing the Hyderabad parliament from MIM . They want to gather all the Hindus and trounce MIM here in Hyderabad. They want both Secunderabad and Hyderabad.

MIM says SP and BJP will lose

BJP chief Amit Shah will be in Telangana and will set the ball rolling. There are rumors that they have already earmarked the leaders from other political parties for poaching. They claim that the disgruntled elements in the ruling part TRS also want to join the BJP. Some Congress leaders are also interested in joining the BJP.

Our goal is 2019 elections and we want to win maximum number of seats this time. In alliance with Telugu Desam, we won six seats. This time our focus will be to win more seats including those held by MIM in Old City,” the city BJP chief told the media after the reshuffle of the BJP city committee.

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BJP president Amit Shah, who is visiting the state this month to gear up the party, will interact with city BJP leaders and present a road map for the next general elections, programmes to be taken up among others. The members of the booth committees will make all the difference. They will go for the door to door campaigning and convert the vote for the party.

“The BJP focus is to win more Lok Sabha and Assembly seats. The process of interaction in Lok Sabha constituencies has already begun with party leaders and workers, who have been given specific tasks to strengthen party from grass roots level, especially from booth level,” a BJP leader said.

There could be a change in the state leadership also. Kishan Reddy, Laxman, Dattatreya, Venkaiah have become old faces and a new face is supposed to be projected for Telangana. Some people are dreaming that the BJP might come to power also. But this is just a pipe dream.NVS Prabhakar the Uppal MLA said that like UP a Yogi will emerge from TS and clinch power from the TRS. Some lower cadres of other political parties are joining the BJP here and there.



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