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Who is trying to Kill Allus Surya?

Allu Arvind the master strategist and mega-producer for the first time is in doubt if some people were planning to Kill Naa Peru Surya film ready for the release. He has apprehensions about the film’s success and that he knew who are the people that would sabotage the film. He told his Son Bunny that he will reveal the details later.

Who is trying to Kill Allus Surya?
Is he hinting at the news Channels is the big question now. It may be noted that the heroes of the Industry under the leadership of Chiranjeevi have decided to ban the channels from the film content in the near future.

This has triggered Aravind that the TV channels might give a negative rating or feedback on the movie Surya.

Who is trying to Kill Allus Surya?
Aravind is of the opinion that few decisions taken by him will now turn against him. They will give a mixed talk or negative talk for the movie that is for sure. But then if the movie is extraordinary no one can stop the success. The mouth talk is just enough to keep the moving surging forward.

Earlier there was a talk that the mega family created a scene and grabbed the TV channels time to turn the limelight away from BAN movie of Mahesh Babu.

It was on the day of the BAN, that they created hungama at the film chambers office and all the media were present there. There was very less coverage for the BAN in Telugu states. The TV space was grabbed by Mega family. But BAN just stood the ground as the content was very good and authentic.

Who is trying to Kill Allus Surya?
If this is true, then the Allus will face the face the music for Surya. The outburst against the media and trying to isolate the media will prove to be very costly for the mega family.

Pawan Kalyan the self-styled hero and Janasena chief, who is going openly against the media must at least realise this and patch up with the channels.



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