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Trump salutes pilot Tammie

US President Donald Trump said that he salutes the pilot who saved the passengers even after a mid-air explosion of one of the engines. He shook the hands of lady pilot and said: “we salute you”.

The pilot of plane Tammie jo Shults was invited to the white house and the President praised her efforts in saving the lives of passengers and landing the plane safely with all guts. 149 people were on board and one of them was killed when the engine exploded in the mid-air.

Trump salutes pilot Tammie

I am honoured to have the pilots and crew of the plane at the white house Trump said. I want to commend you for your incredible job he praised the Pilot and other crew members at the white house who called on him. Tammie is an experienced pilot and she landed the flight to safety even after one engine exploded in the midair.

People are talking about it he said. I am honoured to have the heroic crew at the white house Trump said.

Tammie was seen shaking hands with the President and she thanked the President for the same and said that she did her job.



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