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Trump image erodes further

The porn stars are saying that they had sex with Trump President earlier. But Trump says no to such allegations. But one of the models for Playboy says that after the shooting she had sex with Trump and he said she was beautiful like his daughter Ivanka. What does that mean some people are asking via tweets.

Trump image erodes further
Karen the Pornstar said that each time they met, they talked about Ivanka and her beauty. But after the sex also Trump used to compare the pornstar with Ivanka. Why Ivanka at that point in time she questioned. But he said I was beautiful like Ivanka after the sex Karen pointed out leaving us to ponder over the behaviour of Trump.

 Trump image erodes further
Trump earlier said that Ivanka was so beautiful and would like to date her if she was not his daughter. Having sex with porn stars and remembering daughter is bad. Apart from that comparing them with the daughter is also not right.

However, the white house has denied that Trump did not have any sex with Karen.

The question: According to Stormy Daniels Trump said she reminded him of his daughter, Ivanka.
McDougal said the same.

Are we sensing a theme here yet? @ivanka -how does it feel to know all the women daddy screws remind him of you?

This is what @GOP mean by family values.

If a dude I was making out with said I reminded him of his daughter, I would be so repulsed, I would probably vomit instantly.



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