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TRS set to win 2019 elections

TRs will win the next elections said, Mamatha Banerjee, the CM of West Bengal. In 2019 the regional parties will have their say and they will decide the winner factor she opined.

It may be noted that KCR the CM Telangana has met Mamatha at her secretariat and invited her to join the proposed peoples front an alternative to the BJP and Congress party.

  TRS set to win 2019 elections
Today KCR mentioned about the peoples front in the Assembly when he was talking in the budget session. He said that Kolkata was developing under the leadership of Mamatha in a big way.

KCR also exuded confidence that the people are with TRS and they will win the elections hands down. He also added that Telangana will play a major factor in the next elections at the National level and he will lead the peoples front from the front along with others unitedly.



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