TRS cadre is very happy

K Taraka Ramarao finally clarified about the health of his father and said that nothing has happened to KCR.“All these are rumors. KCR is healthier than you and me” said KTR. He is a Lion and will tackle issues openly and all alone he said.

TRS cadre is feeling happy with the clarification from KTR about KCRs health.  .Days before KCR nephew Harish Rao said that it was too early to think about the future CM of Telangana. He stated that KCR is very healthy and he will rule the state for the next 15-20 years.

TRS cadre is very happy

These days KCR is taking pomegranate juice regularly and maintaining a good health regimen it is reported. KCR looks exhausted after work , but is very sound mentally and also healthy physically.

He is active all the time thinking and planning about the development of Telangana and knows every inch of the land in Telangana. That is his USP.



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