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Touch Chesi Choodu -movie review

Touch Chesi Choodu is a story of a Police who is so honest in his work and whose priority is his job more than his family or fiance. He is so reckless and goes with his instincts to solve crimes. This attitude of him brings problems in his personal life and this movie packages it.

This movie has many resemblances to many old movies and debutante director Vikram Sirikonda could have done better work in writing screenplay. This movie has everything in best possible way but not it’s content. Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) is a businessman who lives with his family in Pondicherry happily.

Touch Chesi Choodu -movie review

He gives his family a very utmost importance and he will go any extent for the sake of his family. He decides to get married for the sake of his family and meet Pushpa (Raashi Khanna) and she falls for him gradually and he rejects her for the sake of his family’s respect. His child witnesses a murder scene and he goes to Police regarding this murder

and gets to know Irfan, who died long back in the records of Police. He then calls commissioner of Police (Murali Sharma) and gets to know about Irfan. Who is Irfan? What is the story of Karthikeya? What happens with the murder case? Overall it is another commercial venture for Ravi fans.

Starring: RaviTeja,Raasi Khanna,Seerat Kapur
Director :Vikram .S
Music :Pritam



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