Took nothing from Pawan: Renu

Renu Desai the former wife of Pawan Kalyan said that she took nothing from her former husband and Jana Sena chief.

Whatever she earned it is with her and for her children.

Renu said that Pawan believes in God and universe. As a person Pawan is perfect and will give good marks she said.

Took nothing from Pawan: Renu

He is a good sole and not a politician. If felt very bad and divorce is a tragic incident. I was very happy when I got married. We are not enemies they meet Chiru and others and they are our relatives.

Will get married soon. Renu also said that she is working on 2 movies and may say goodbye to the film world.

Her children are the real world for her and nothing matters. She earned a lot through investments in the market and real estate.



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