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Today is world Idli day

Idli is the word almost every house hold knows about it. Idli is like synonym for breakfast. Earlier people used to think it as the food for Tamilians. But now even in foreign countries health consciouis people are eating this as there is no oil in this food.

It is just boiled on water with steam and is helathy with udat dal and rice . Some ghee and chuney with powder even makes it better. It is popular across the world and in place of bread people are using Idli as it does not contain maida.

Today is world Idli day

Maida is not that healthy when compared to this white puffy idli which is light and clean. No oil makes it even popular.

Many politicians who are health conscious just take 2 idlis in the morning.

Now today people are celebrating the World Idli day and many of them tweeted also on this account. Chandrababu, KCR Shashi Tharoor like idly very much. Babu has idli in the morning. KCR has idli and Pesarattu.

Today is world Idli day

Tharoor has idli only all the days in the morning . In this way there is no one who does not like idli. Idli Samabar is very famous across Tamilandu and Amma canteens serve this at very cheap rates. When NTR was there he gave idli at just 10 paisa per plate.

Lets remember idli day.



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