A thorough rejig for NTR

Balakrishna and Teja the director tried to rope in some big stars of Bollywood for NTR biopic. Somehow the plot boomeranged and now the movie fell into the hands of Krish who did Goutami putra sathakarni for Balakrishna.

The earlier plot was that if you take seniors from different languages the movie of NTR can be marketed easily in all the languages and that the selling aspect becomes easy and there need not be much of a publicity.

But Krish thinks otherwise, he is of the opinion that the name NTR itself is like a nuclear power and it sells. No need of any big stars. It is reported that he has given the example of Mahaanati movie to Balaiah Babu and said that they must also follow that pattern.


The main focus should be on the role of NTR and all other things should be like sidekicks and for that, we need not have any big names for that matter. More or less Balaiah also agreed with Krish. But Raghavendra Rao the senior director will be supervising the movie from behind and Krish Jagrlamudi has a good rapport with RR.

Now they are gearing up for the Sankranthi release. The selection of actors is going on and Balaiah has to give a final nod to them. Kota is one actor who has been selected and it remains. They are also thinking about taking Urvashi Sarada for any one of the roles it is reported.

They are trying to see that the actors just remind the audience about the legendary star NTR.



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