The Twitter trouble…..

Twitter appeared to have faced an outage, as several users on Friday morning reported issues while posting tweets. Twitter flashed “Cannot read property ‘code’ of undefined”, “Internal server error” and other such messages when users tried to post tweets at around 10.30am, triggering panic in wake of the worldwide ‘wannacry’ and ransomware attacks.

According to some users, the problem persisted for about 15-25 minutes before it was restored by Twitter. However, the glitch appeared to have impacted only specific regions. While tweets from @htweets could not be posted, its sister handles operating from other cities did not face any issues.

How users reacted:

So, apparently #Twitter is partially down, I couldn’t tweet during the last 20 minutes#AT #TwitterDown

— Vree (@vreethesergal) May 19, 2017
Twitter is gonna be a trending topic on Twitter because Twitter is down!!

— Papi champú  (@Captain_Champu) May 19, 2017
Twitter was just down for about 25 minutes. I couldn’t believe there were no tweets for that long.

— Brian (@briant1701) May 19, 2017
Is Twitter also attacked by WannaCry baby?

— Ashwini Dodani (@AshwiniDodani) May 19, 2017
Twitter is down! Ransomware attack??

— sarbasis bisoyi (@sarbasis007) May 19, 2017



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