The TDP might become zero in Telangana Political Top Stories 

The TDP might become zero in Telangana

The TDP leaders left in Telangana are getting frustrated by the day. They do not know where to go and there is no other option but to join the TRS at least ahead of the elections. While the big leaders in Telangana are looking here and there for an opportune time, the Chota Mota leaders have already started making a beeline for the joining the TRS.

On the other hand, the TRS chief and the CM KCR has decided to go strongly against the pending corruption cases. Both Chandrababu and top Congress leaders are facing a lot of cases especially pertaining to the lands in the Telangana region. KCR has summoned the officials and said that they must go strong to weed out the corruption and should not spare anybody in this matter.

The TDP might become zero in Telangana

He might be holding the Chief Minister post or any other position, the cases should be solved and if found guilty should be taken to task and punished.

On the other hand, the attitude of Chandrababu Naidu has not changed towards KCR. He is unable to digest the way the KCR and his team are forging towards making a federal front at the National level as an alternative to the Congress and the BJP. This was idea was mooted by Chandrababu also but he could not surge forward as he is already bogged down with several issues in Andhra Pradesh.

When it comes to Telangana there is no proper leader to lead the party to elections. Except for blaming and making allegations on KCR and TRS, there is no other agenda for the opposition here.

So the local TDP leaders have decided that it is better to join the TRS and save their face for the future rather than running around Babu.



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