The spicy coffee

People think of just different kinds of Tea and they think there is only one flavour to coffee that is sour. But that is wrong you can add so many spices to the coffee also. Like you add spices to the tea like ginger, cinnamon and cardamoms, one can add all these things to the coffee concoction also.


Then you can add milk to it. These days one can get several types of coffee like the tea. Ginger tea is popular across India and now people are having cinnamon coffee that is Dalchini Chai in Hindi. Cinnamon powder is very good for health like the ginger and one can have it in coffee.

The flavour is good and the cinnamon helps in controlling the sugar which is very good for the diabetes people. Chocolate coffee is also popular these days. In the name of expresso, we are getting a lot of flavours in the coffee. Coffee has caffeine and to reduce the sour flavour we can add cinnamon to it and this gives fresh and good aroma to the coffee.



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