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The special beer hotels

The hotels with beer concept are coming up in foreign countries. The hotel itself serves beer primarily and you can order a keg. This is summer and where ever it is summer the demand for beer has gone up very high. The Telugu states beer consumption is going up by the day as the temperature is soaring high.

The special beer hotels

Sometimes the consumption is very high in the Telugu states and the figures are also high here. When it comes to places like Portland the hotels are directly brewing the beer on their premises and then going ahead serving them directly fresh out of the brewery.

Drought beer is one of the popular drinks sold in Hyderabad during nights in the hotels and pubs. The outskirts of Hyderabad has a lot of breweries. Maybe in future like foreign countries, we must also have hotels, clubs and pubs with beer service as a speciality. The beer is being sold in some of the dhabas around Hyderabad in wooden drums directly sent from the breweries. They have a tap and you can fill the beer mugs.

The special beer hotels

Attaching the brewery to the hotel itself is the speciality and from here you can order the beer to your doorsteps. It comes directly to your home freshly brewed. So this summer enjoy the beer where ever it is possible. Fresh beer in a mug is better than a tin beer packed months ago.



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