The show of strength on Wednesday

More than the swearing in of Kumara Swamy Gowda it looks like the opposition will show off their strength on the dais in Kanteerava stadium in Bangalore while Gowda will take over as the CM on Wednesday.

Mamatha didi will stress the need for the unity of opposition along with Congress. With the success of JDS and Congress in Karnataka, it looks like the Congress will take the centre stage for the future, and all have realised that the federal front may not be a success without the participation of the Congress.

Kanteerava stadium in Bangalore

Mamatha, Maya, Akhilesh,KCR, Tejaswi and Babu will come together to fight against BJP and Modi in the near future and they will start it on Wednesday here in Bangalore.

The BJP is on the back foot now but it is not that easy to beat Modi. If BJP has tried it hard they would have made it here in Bangalore, but taking the other states into consideration, they thought it fit to keep quiet and leave it to the JDS.

The show of strength on Wednesday

For the coming elections, the opposition will move into the top gear and Rahul Gandhi is all in full form. He is ready to go full throttle against Modi and the BJP regime. The Press meet was a sample. This was the first time that Rahul directly attacked Modi.



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