The problems with AC

Sitting under air conditioning may look cool. But it is not so cool as you think.

1. You may have dry eyes under the AC. You might have irritation after coming out in the open from the AC facility. For such people, it is good to avoid AC.

2. Dry skin is also another issue. People with dry skin when they walk out of the AC, will have itching sensation and they cannot escape from that. It takes a long time to cure this itching problem.

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3. One has to take a lot of water. Otherwise, you have will have the dehydration problem.

4. ENT that is eye, nose and throat problems will persist due to the air conditioning.

5. People having asthma and allergy must be away from the air-conditioning.

6. A headache and migraines are the common issues that the people under AC face from time to time. Dont walk in immediately into the sun or don’t just barge into the AC from the sun.



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