The pipe dreams of Congress and BJP Political Top Stories 

The pipe dreams of Congress and BJP

While TRS Chief and CM K Chandrasekhar Rao is aiming for a cake walk in the next elections with his welfare measures, the Congress leaders are claiming stakes for the Gaddi that is CMs post in Telangana. Jana Reddy wants to become the CM for one time in his lifetime and that is a long cherished dream that he is nursing.

Uttam Kumar the PCC chief of Telangana is another aspirant from the Congress for the CMs post. The BJP thinks that it will come to power in Telangana. The latest survey done by the BJP in the rural areas of Telangana has proved beyond doubt that it is not easy for the TRS to come to power in Telangana. The CM and Ministers think they are doing things for transparency, but the reality is that they are giving scope for corruption.

For example, the municipal permission through uploading in the website itself has become the gateway for corruption. You cannot do it on your own. You have to go through brokers, no direct entry. The site will not open for common man first.

The pipe dreams of Congress and BJP

In the same fashion introduction of IT in various ways has not helped the common man but it has become a bottleneck and hurdle and the first step for corruption. Later come the officials.

The division of Telangana is still a subject for discussion and Jana thinks that if Telangana was granted well ahead they would have got the power in Telangana.

There are sections of Muslims who say that Owaisis are not everything and the others must also be taken into consideration for deciding things. This is a hint to KCR who is Fidaa with the Owaisis and does everything for them.

Congress is aiming at getting Rahul for the campaigning. BJP is banking on Modi but it is of no use here in Telangana. The TRS thinks the welfare schemes will make them win the election easily. It could be difficult but the TRS will be there for another term and there is no doubt about this.



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