The opposition will fail … Political Top Stories 

The opposition will fail …

The World is looking at the Presidential elections in India. The comment that NDA is heading towards a Presidential form of Government made by senior BJP leader Ram Madhav here under Modi the PM, made everyone to think about it.

It is clear that an NDA candidate will win the elections for India’s first citizen and even if the Opposition camp puts up a contest, it will only be symbolic. Symbols and personalities have enormous significance in a democracy.

It will be the first litmus test for a united Opposition and its reverberations will be felt till the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

The opposition will fail ...

Three years ago, on May 16, the people of this country put a stamp of approval on Narendra Damodardas Modi becoming Prime Minister. In response Modi had politely described himself as pradhan sevak and said that every citizen is a VVIP here in India.

Whether it was smaller civic body elections in Mumbai and Delhi, or the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Modi was the BJP’s face. In the beginning his party may have faced defeat in the Delhi and Bihar assemblies, but in the other elections it got the numbers required for a majority.

The opposition will fail ...

Over the past three years, the Prime Minister and his ministers have set new records for productivity and hard work. There is no significant corruption charge against his colleagues or him. Not just this, on every occasion, Modi has projected himself as a person from humble origins.

The PM’s penchant for change management has compelled the Opposition space to shrink.

The opposition will fail ...

Narendra Modi is anticipating that he may have to fight a united opposition in 2019. The battle won’t be easy. Since there is little room for error, the NDA has already announced that Modi will be their prime-ministerial candidate.

The Opposition needs to act, fast. But can such decisions be taken in haste is the question ? The Congress is in shambles and for next 5 years it will be BJP and Modi for the Nation…



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