The opposition is ganging up… Political Top Stories 

The opposition is ganging up…

Perhaps for the first time the election atmosphere has come so early and is hotting up like anything in the history of Telugu states. While the TRS and the MIM are going together for obvious reasons, the MIM has the habit of aligning with the ruling party here and reaping the benefits.

Even TRS supremo said that they have to be chummy with the ruling party at the centre and certified that it is a clean Government and no corruption was reported against the PM Modi so far.

The opposition is ganging up...

While the BJP is dreaming of coming to power here in Telangana, the Congress is also hopeful that they will grab the power here. The TDP is not confidant like others, here but it wants to trounce the ruling party at any cost. For that it is prepared to align with the Congress party also. .Senior Congress leader S Jaipal Reddy said that the congress party is ready to fight against KCR with the help of all opposition parties except BJP.

He also said that the congress will join hands with TDP if necessary though it opposed TDP in 2014 elections. The Jana Sena and communists are joining hands. The communists want to defeat TRS, but the Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan did not spell out as to what for he is fighting in Telanagana and if there is a possibility of winning any seat here.

The opposition is ganging up...

Same view was expressed by TTDP working President Revanth Reddy few days ago. When questioned how TDP will work with the Congress, Revanth said that fight in Telangana is against KCR , who belongs to TRS and there is nothing wrong in joining hands with Congress party.

This statement by Revanth Reddy was made at the behest of TDP chief Naidu or is it Revanth’s personal opinion is not known. But in coming days, we can see a lot of political polarisation in Telangana in an attempt to defeat TRS in 2019 elections.

The opposition is ganging up...

No one thought that the opposition will gang up so soon against the ruling party. But people are still with TRS and KCR. They want see the development here and want to give KCR an opportunity to make Bangaru Telangana.



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