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The naked Yoga

Along with our Baba Ramdev actor Shilpa Shetty is also popular for Yoga. She has done some videos also on Yoga. She danced with Ramdev also. She told that taking ghee was the secret behind her slim body along with Yoga.

 The naked Yoga

She participated in a function and taught yoga to some journalists also. When one of the Journalists asked her about Yoga and her perfect postures. She said that the clothes are coming in between the postures. She said that without clothes the yoga postures will be more perfect.

The naked Yoga
Then someone said that it can be named as naked Yoga. Laughing it away Shilpa said ah it was in a lighter vein she said like that and one must not take it seriously. Shilpa has no films these days and she wants to be in circulation and news. She talked about doing yoga and  also food habits. Sometimes she was in cricket and there was some controversy.

Now she is back to Yoga and Ghee. Let’s hope she will not make it a hot Yoga.



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