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The Hundred Cricket

The 20-20 format of cricket will be a thing of the past. The Wales cricket Board hs given a surprise to the cricketing world by announcing the 100 ball cricket. It will be titled as the Hundred. It will be like 100 balls per innings. Whoever hits more will be the winner.

This new fast and aggressive format of cricket will have 15 over of 6 balls each and one over of 10 balls. This new format is all set to begin in 2020. The women’s cricket will also have the same format by the side of the mens hundred cricket. It is all speed and fast forward cricket.

The match time would be around two and half hours and people say this is for the youngsters. This will become a history of innovation and every ball could be exciting. This will be fresh and exciting with cheer girls and other forms of excitement as usual. The BBC will be showing the matches live in the initial stages.



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