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The human angle in KCR

Yes we are talking about the Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao. The critics or the leaders of opposition may call him what ever they want. But KCR the Son of soil has a human angle in him. He almost thinks on the lines of NTR the senior who always thought about the welfare of the common man when the was the CM of united AP.

Attending the marriage of his worker and hugging him shows how humble he behaves, that is KCR. Earlier also there are so many evidences where KCR behaved like gentleman for a common man. An example I will quote where KCR went to express his sympathies to AK Khan now the Government advisor and the then DG for ACB. The issue was the death of AK Khans father.

kcr at wedding

When KCR visited AK Khan along with the an editor of TV Channel, Shabbir Ali an arch rival of KCR called him aside and told him that he was leader in the council and wanted a BP vehicle. There was no threat perception to him, but he rquested KCR for the Bullet Proof vehilce. KCR summoned the DGP and ordered that BP vehicle be given to Shabbir Ali. The media people who saw this said Sahoo KCR.

This is one just example. There are several instance where he went out of the way and helped the people who opposed him and criticised him from time to time. He gave shelter to a girl who was harassed by her so called parents.

He gave extension to people who have retired. He is maintaining his advisors who are not active except one. He is tolerating media mangers who just hover around him and sit behind him on the stage all the time. Their duty to stand and come to him when needed. But they are sitting behind him as if they are running the show.


But he is tolerating them. He is not trying to remove or replace any one from the cabinet too as he thinks this is not the right time. The secretariat staff has no work as the CM is with the Pragathi bhavan all the time.

When it comes to salaries and perks he increased them like anything. Rs 40000 is the minimum salary he gives to the Government employees. He gave Rs 200 crore to brahmins, 500 crore to the police recently.

He respects all other and they respect him. It is not easy to take on KCR for another term. I hope the BJP is listening to me.




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