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The healthy snacks

Take Cabbage as you like. It can be eaten as a salad or dipped in a soup before a dinner.

In summer water Melon is the best snack all the day. It has 90 percent of water and keeps you hydrated all the time. So take it anytime in any form. Raw is the best.

People say Tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable. Just take it and eat it . It is sometimes better than an apple. It is good against cancer and heart diseases.

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Muskmelon is like watermelon and one can take it anytime and in any form. It can also become a snack in summer and good for health.

Cucumber is another vegetable which can be had as a salad or a snack to beat the heat and also the summer.

Papaya is a good fruit which has all kinds of health benefits.It can be a very good substitute for food. People who are health conscious can have it for breakfast and also for dinner.



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