The Gutsy Rana

One must have lots of guts to work with director Teja who hasn’t had hits in recent years. Rana, is one man who believed in the content and took a leap with Teja.Rana comes form Ramanaidu. Ra means Rama and Na means Naidu.

“Teja has come up from the grass roots of cinema, working at different levels before he became a DoP and then a director. He’s well versed with cinema of different eras.

With Nene Raju Nene Mantri Rana is very confident. “I completely enjoyed myself. This is a character-driven film,” he affirms. Director Teja conceived the character of Jogendra, around which the story shaped up.

The film has instances of real incidents from around the world. “When you see it, you feel that this could happen. It’s not far fetched. It felt like being a part of the movie Rana stated.



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