The grandsons are Great

The grand sons of the Chief Ministers of Telugu states are great. One is Devansh in AP the son of Chief Ministers Son Lokesh and the other is Himanshu the son KTR, who is the son of TS CM KCR.

Both of them are getting all the importance and publicity. Both the CMs of the Telugu states take the grands sons along with them and they are given the VVIP treatment.

The grandsons are Great

The other day Himanshu almost represented the state Government of Telangana at Bhadradri in Khammam during the celestial wedding called as Seetharama Kalyanam.

Here in AP Devansh is given all the importance and he started eating his food and also learning to write from TTD. The top TTD brass was in attendance whenever Chandrababu came here along with Devansh. Afterall he is the grandson of the CM Babu. Devansh was also present during the cabinet reshuffle when Governor Narsimhan interacted with him.

The latest being that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has performed ‘Aksharabhyasam’ to his grandson Devansh at Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati in the presence of local priests.

The grandsons are Great
Devansh Grand Mother Bhuvaneswari, Father Lokesh and Mother Brahmani were present on the occasion.

Naidu said he tought his grandson first the importance of first two letters in Telugu language. Devansh was tought on slate about “Amma, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, Arogyam, Aadayam and Aanandam which are most important in everybody’s life in his state.

The chief minister said that children should be tough morals and ethics in the lives first which help the development if family, state and country.

The grandsons are Great



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