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The fruits for this summer

Mango pickle and Mango fruits are famous from India. It is branded as the king of fruits. People of all ages can enjoy it this summer. There are many varieties, some for pickles, some for juices and some for jellies and they are consumed in many forms. Mango dal is a delicacy in summer.

The fruits for this summer

Watermelon or Tarboooz is the main fruit for summer. It has more of water and less of pulp. Even people with diabetes can consume this fruit and it is good for summer. It works like glucose to your body and also as viagra sometimes. So have this in abundance.

Karbooza or muskmelon is loved by one and all. This is also a summer fruit and works against dehydration like the watermelon. This supports overall eye health. This works for the good of your eyes.

The fruits for this summer

Kala Jamoon is another fruit which comes in summer and this fruit is medicinal. It helps in digestion. It can cure diabetes. The seed is also medicinal in nature. It helps in digestion and cures the ailments in the stomach.

Lime is a fruit for all seasons but it is mainly used for the summer. It has high concentrates of C vitamin. It helps in hydrating the body and keeping it cool. It protects you from sunstroke.



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