The American President is the base for BAN Cinema Political Top Stories 

The American President is the base for BAN

The Telugised version of Hollywood movie The American President is Koratala Sivas Bharat Ane Nenu for Mahesh. It does not have an item song so there is no repeat audience for the movie. The first half of the movie has anchors reading the news and the actors watching them which was not required. That can be actually edited. That is the extra length in the movie.

The American President is the base for BAN

Now Shiva has decided to go for an out and out masala movie with fully loaded entertainment and that is for Allu Arjun it is reported. But Allus especially Aravind must like the script.

This time Koratal is hiring big writers to give that entertainment quotient to the script which was lacking in BAN. If one observes carefully the first half of BAN is just a big drag till the interval. The BAN two is vetted by some of his close teammates and the director is taking all the precautions to see that it has that extra entertainment material. Maybe it could also have an item song.

The American President is the base for BAN

But it is reported that Mahesh has given full liberty to Koratala to play with the script for BAN-2 and edit the canned version that suits him best. But it was a surprise to see that most of the politicians imagined themselves with Bharat especially Jagan the YSRC chief of Bharati cements.

But Mahesh revealed that it was KTRs get up in mind that they copied for Bharat in the movie. The styling of Bharat was based on the attire of KTR in real and KTR was very happy about this.



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