Panchayat elections in July-Leverage Indian economy Political Top Stories 

Panchayat elections in July-Leverage Indian economy

Women will get 5 days special leave assured KCR. The state is settling with great development with the help of employees he said. The employees are playing a great part he stated. The panchayat elections will be done by the end of July. Corruption will not be tolerated at any level he said.
The elections will be conducted in due date.
Death and retirement will be given gratuity which will be under purview. Asha workers come under a central scheme, but SERP is a society he said. Urban transportation is a must and the RTC has to be brought into profits he said. So many states have no RTC he explained. RTC is losing Rs 700 crore per annum.
Let them strike do not blackmail he suggested. We gave Rs 3400 crore and now this year Rs 500 crore was released. We gave 44 percent fitment and let them go on strike he said.
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Mamatha never supported anyone in Karnataka. Mamatha will tell me he said. Mamatha wants federal front he said. It’s not mere political game and not the alignment of political parties and the proposal is for a qualitative change in Indian politics.
We have to improve a lot of things in India he said. Country’s economy has to be leveraged he said.
Please analyse the budget of 24000 lakh crores he suggested. Create a huge infrastructure. Water is abundant please use and distribute it. TheNational parties failed. we are preparing the agenda for the Federal front he announced.
All sections of society must look into this.
There is a need for development, a change must come and it is the need of the hour he said. This is not for politics and a radical change must come and a quantum leap is required he stated.
We will be a big force he said. I am working on a dynamic formula with Pucca agenda he said. It will be a big consortium and it is an alignment of forces he explained.
Janata party born in jail has ruled the Nation he explained. Modi as PM could not pass some bills. He is elected by people but has no majority in RS he pointed out. How can he run the Nation KCR questioned? Progress is not happening. This is not silly politics and that radicalism must start from Hyderabad he said.

Telugus in Karnataka followed KCR



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