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Telangana CM KCR meets Kanimozhi

Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao is continuing his Chennai visit for the second day. His visit is paying rich dividends here and that was the reason he chose to meet DMK MP and daughter of Karunanidhi, Kanimozhi. They have interacted with her for about 30 minutes and appraised her about the developments on the need for an alternative to BJP and the Congress in the present political situation.

KCR Introduced his MPs to Kanimozhi here and she greeted them with folded hands and gave a patient hearing to them. Yesterday they talked to Mamatha Didi over the phone and impressed upon her for the second time to join the Federal front.

The lady MP said she would visit  Telangana and know about all the welfare measures being taken up by the KCR Government.

Telangana CM KCR meets Kanimozhi

Even if the Federal front is formed it has to be seen as to whom they would project as the PM candidate. There are too many aspirants for the position. Mamata, Mayawati, Mulayam, Deve Gowda, Chandrababu and even KCR can aspire for the post of the Prime Minister.

But will they come to an understanding and project one of them seriously is the question?

At the same time, there was one regional party for a state in the earlier times. Now new parties are coming up in the same states. The Telugu states have two and more parties competing for the power.

Rajinikanth, Kamla Hassan, Pawan Kalyan, Kodandaram have formed political parties. So it is not easy for KCR to get them under one roof especially against the Congress. They may join hands against the BJP, but all of them may not agree against the Congress party.



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